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REVIEW | QUEENZ: The Show With Balls

AD | Tickets was gifted in exchange for an honest review

Photo credit: Danny Kaan

Get out your party wear on as QUEENZ: The Show With Balls! is the show that gets the party started…

Currently on a UK tour before heading to the West End, QUEENZ is basically a drag concert in simple terms, that brings fun, laughter and just basically fun all round, the show is full of party anthems including Spice Girls, GAGA, Little Mix and also includes a musical theatre mashup. The show will have you smiling all the way along. It tears up all rules of theatre etiquette so if you're one that likes to sing, dance and film in the theatre, then go to see QUEENZ!

QUEENZ runs for 100 minutes with a 20 minute interval. Like always, my reviews are 100% honest and I will always justify my ratings, thoughts and feelings, always giving constructive feedback and my opinions are my own. 

Photo credit: Danny Kaan

Performed by five powerhouse QUEENZ who bring all the glamour of drag but…with NO lip-sync in sight! The sensational vocals are LIVE! QUEENZ ultimately wants you to be your true authentic self and forget about what's outside the venue, even if it's only for a few hours. The five bring laughter with many hilarious rude innuendos, and amazing versions of your favourite tunes. 

The audience gets well involved by being encouraged to sing and dance (in their seats or stand up) , within the second act during the party melody that each Queen gets to shine on their own…and also are picked on during the first so…watch out! 

QUEENZ: The show with balls is basically all the anthems you know and love all into one, performed by a tremendous quintet! Who all have tremendously-epic live vocals and stage presence. The choreography is well performed by all five and you can feel the love and the relationship between them all. Each Queen has the time to shine with a solo each during the second act, which gets a round of applause or standing ovation, and also have you laughing out loud. Each Queen has their own personality and something for you to love about each and everyone of them, which is stated at the start of the show and each plays on that personality really well but not over the top. I know this is a review but I can’t actually pick out a favourite as all five came together to create this show and that is what makes it, so I don't have a favourite as the show is a team effort and there is no i in team!

Collectively all five breathe in the atmosphere of being on stage and perform fabulously, and show off the fullness of a drag concert, with lively energy and charisma. 

QUEENZ: The Show with Balls, is nothing short than fabulous, full of fun, love and laughter. It’s not really a show, it's a party on stage!! So grab your friends, and leave Dave at home (inside show joke) and go see these QUEENZ party on stage.

Book your tickets now QUEENZ is touring around until 5 April and will also a London date on the 7th of April

Photo credit: Danny Kaan


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