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REVIEW | Rosie the Musical original studio cast recording

AD | was given a link in exchange of honest review.

A hopeful musical, about a West End hopeful…

There have been numerous historical musicals gracing the stage and this one is hopefully going to be another one to add to the list. Rosie the Musical centres around the true story of Miss Rosie Boote, who was raised in Ireland before travelling to London to become a West End star, and the journey Boote takes along the way.

With music and lyrics Written by Chris Broom and book by Sam Babenia, they join together to make a new musical with a very classical feel all over. The show has recently released it's original studio cast recording that includes a selection of highlights from the show and features talent such as Lucy Thomas, Will Callan, and Desmonda Cathabel. Rosie has won multiple song awards and when I was kindly given a link to review the album, I looked forward to reviewing this new work.

Like always, my reviews are 100% honest and I will always justify my ratings, thoughts and feelings, always giving constructive feedback and my opinions are my own. 

Rosie the Musical is firstly a new musical and has a story that to me would suggest, and has, a classical influenced score and lyrics, which does bring many strong moments throughout and it really plays on it and works really well with the plot of the whole show. It’s sometimes hard to imagine a shows look by just listening to the songs, you may imagine things within the plot that are almost correct or are just totally wrong but I feel that this highlight album brings a good teaser for what's to come from the show. 

We open the album to a slow song called “One Day” which is a lovely opener to the album as it feels optimistic within its lyrics, which are divinely and pleasantly sung by Thomas. The song is quite short but sets you up ready for what is to come, which is a heavily influenced operatically classical score and lyrics, and in short takes you through Boote's dreams and hopes and what Boote's dreams for in the future, which visually could be very powerful on stage. 

The next song that follows the opener is “Dear Lord We Thank You For This Day”, this is very much a choir/church styled song, a major part of this song and the album too is the choirs that are featured, Kantos Chamber Choir and St. Bede’s Catholic High School Ormskirk Chamber Choir, who both create an ensemble in selective songs such as “Romano’s”, “Our Homeland” and this specific track. The choir brings a different take which is  stunning on a musical style album, which we wouldn’t normally hear in the musical theatre genre, especially now within newer musicals, which creatively and soundly results in adding its own stamp on the genre as a whole.

The next song that probably stood out to me was “I Still Believe in Love” the song is beautifully written by Broom and feels like something from the heart, to me this would be a gutsy act 2 moment which would see a turning point for the character in my opinion, it could have the power to hold people I feel and would be loved by many. Cathabel sings beautifully and lets you hear every word, the characters thoughts and feelings through some excellent vocals. The simplistic but brilliant score frames the engaging and moving lyrics. This song feels like it could be the show's anthem, and I personally feel that this song could be loved / and will be loved by many. 

The next song I’m going to talk about is, a duet “Hold On”, to me personally this feels to me that the song should be in act 2 and maybe almost near to the end. The song has very much an emotional feel to it between both Thomas and Callan and is sung nicely by both, the lyrics are very narrative and effective from both sides, and you definitely feel that this song could push the plot along. It’s a brilliant duet that is very lovely to hear. 

Rosie the Musical is a new musical with a classical sound, this album is only highlights from what the show is supposed to be. The story of Rosie Boote feels like it has some grandeur in its vision, and there are lots to think about here not just from what is to come but other numbers in the show. The show is anticipating on having a semi-staged concert which will showcase all the score, which will have up tempo ensemble numbers and supporting character numbers which I would have actually liked to hear maybe one or two of these to get a sense of the whole score, but that is my personal opinion. 

From what we have received from this 12 track album, this gives us an insight into the show, I’ve heard the score, now I look forward to hearing and seeing the rest of this classical and exciting sounding new musical, that could bring something new and different to the West End.


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