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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Direct from their smash-hit run in London’s West End, QUEENZ–The Show with BALLS is touring the UK from this September.

Join these death-dropping divas for a sequin-clad pop party featuring classics from The Spice Girls, Lady Gaga, Little Mix, Beyonce, Shakira and everything in between with not a lip-sync in sight.

Featuring Bella DuBall, Miss Dia Montay, Candy Caned, Billie Eyelash, ZeZe VanCartier in all their non-binary finery.

I got to speak to the QUEENZ to find out more about the show and find out what drag and the show means to them.


What was the inspiration for Queenz the show with balls?

We were inspired by some of the best girl groups of the world, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Little Mix the list goes on. We wanted to encapsulate that empowering, uplifting energy that these gals showed us but in our dragtastic way! 

Who is your target audience?

Anyone and everyone! Our audiences are so diverse, ranging from people who have never seen a drag show before, to life long drag fans. We aim to ensure everyone has a fabulous time that stays with them long after the show has finished and the glitter has settled. 

What is the key message you want the audience to take away after seeing the show?

No matter who you are, or how you identify. Whether you’re part of the community or an ally, to be bold, be brave, love who you love and live your truth unapologetically. 

What is the most important thing about the show? And why?

Above all else we are a LIVE singing drag show. We dance like Britney and sing like Whitney. You’ve never heard drag like this before. 

How does drag make you feel and why does it feel this way?

Drag makes me feel invincible. For me, drag allows me to be my most authentic self. It’s so freeing and fabulous. All the things I suppressed about myself as a teenager for fear of ridicule are now the things that are most celebrated. 


How did you all come up with names for your alter-egos/drag name?

Much like our heroes, the Spice Girls, we all have such clear personalities on stage that the names just flowed. For example, our super sweet pop princess is called Candy Caned, I mean, how perfect is that! 

How would you describe your drag style? What was your inspiration and how do you bring that to the stage every night?

My drag style is the self proclaimed physco supermodel. The leather clad, badass of the group. Full out rock and roll is what you’ll get from me every time I’m on stage. Hair whips and powerhouse vocals are just a few of my tricks, you’ll have to come to the show to see what else I have up my sleeve. 

Are there any pre-show rituals that you do before the show?

I whip my hair back and forth to make sure my wig is basically stapled to my head! When in doubt I’ll throw on a little extra glitter for good measure. And there’s nothing like throwing some shade around to the other girls to get us going… I always win. 

What is the most fun thing about the show?

Getting to perform to such amazing audiences is 100% the best part of the show. Meeting everyone every night is always such fun, we never know what to expect and each night is different. From sharing touching stories to laughing until it hurts..our audiences are the best! 

Describe Queenz in one sentence.

A live singing drag extravaganza like no other baby!


Show creator and producer, David Griego, said: “Alongside the most talented live singing Queens you’ll ever hear this show is all about people across the country a chance to live for the moment, celebrate life and party with our incredible drag divas for a night like no other!”

Josh aka Candy Caned explained: “I still have to pinch myself for this beautiful opportunity,performing to sold-out audiences, working with amazing choreographers and even fulfilling my dream of performing on the West End. Us Queenz can’t wait to share our singing,sassiness and party with you all in 2023.

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