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Looking back at the amount of theatre this year and how theatre has come back in my opinion bigger and stronger after the pandemic, here are 5 of my top shows I've seen this year.


My first of my top 5 is SIX at Hampton Court Palace! Why this show, or LIVE EVENT, is on the top of my list is because SIX was my first official obsession, I've had like musicals that I've seen where I've liked them and followed the show, but SIX has something that caught me off guard one year and since then I became a mega, mega fan of the show.

Since being a fan since 2019 (before WESTEND LIVE)... the show was great seeing the original WestEnd cast performing again in the roles that have made them the stars of the WestEnd. The night was amazing seeing the changes from Broadway! (costumes, harmonies etc) and also the show being performed in the grounds of Jane Seymour it was a surreal experience / show.

The show is actually being nominated for the 23rd WhatsOnStage awards for "BEST CONCERT EVENT"



My second show in my top 5 is...Dear Evan Hansen, after talking to someone at WestEnd live and being told the rumour of the shows transfer I started listening to cast recording and became overwhelmed on how amazing the songs were.

When I finally got to see the show back in January I didn't know how it was going to be, but let's just was a great emotional journey, hearing the songs just on the cast recording alone is emotional but then you add the lighting, the live band, and set it really adds the level of power, I cried during the interval because of the amount of power it all gave out.

It was so good that I saw it for a second time in October during the weekend of Musicalcon on its closing weekend. I'm hoping for a tour...



MOULIN ROUGE! the musical is my third top show of the year, I'd say the show is a great night out and it comes with everything you want. This show is FUN, FUNNY, DAZZLING, OUTLANDISH and what an amazing experience it is, with you being immersed into the world of the Rouge instantly when walking into the auditorium with its bright and bold set with the cast members doing a little pre-show...make sure you get to your seats at least 10 mins before the official start as you won't want to miss it.

The show brings killer costumes, set and choreography which is brought together by an amazing cast showing off the vocals. Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge will WOW you from start to finish and even maybe make you cry... it did me.

The show has great songs, combining modern and classic pop songs by P!NK, KATY PERRY, SIA, and of course the faves from the classic movie (your song & come what may).



This show was a very special one for me, returning to the Apollo theatre 11 years after my original visit when I was 6, I knew this show would be in the top shows this year, with Lucie Jones being in it as well, was an added bonus and a great excuse to go again...

Because it was so long since the first time and I was really young too, I kind of forgot how the show played out on stage, and on how the story went. I know the main things but it was the little bits that I was unsure about, but also I just forgot how amazing the show was in general.

The show is just amazing, the story, the songs, costumes and the whole themes of Wicked, friendship, identity and the good vs evil are incredibly well played out throughout the show.




Lastly but not least, my 5th top of this year is...The Choir of Man, this show was an actual surprise to me (in a good way) it was very different, but in a good way. The show is a sort of autobiography in a way that it doesn't really have a central plot the aim of the show really is to try and end the stigma and the taboo topic of men's mental health.

The show mainly aims and zones into the cast members' stories, with only 8 members on stage plus a band the 8 tell their own stories with songs that are suited to the story. This show hasn't got original music, it's a jukebox musical, but really this show suits the jukebox musical format.

The show is heartbreaking, joyous, and gritty making you, by the end, nothing but speechless. The show is set in a pub with FREE beer handed out during and before the show to the audience. You should really go and see this show if you can (I know I am when I turn 18 in January I want FREE beer this time)


2022 has brought amazing theatre, like amazing movie musicals and stage musicals over here in the UK, and across the pond on Broadway...great things are to come for sure, I hope with great theatre already being announced...yes i'm meaning the WICKED movie casting finally and other things too of course

can't wait to see what 2023 brings...Happy new year everyone!







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