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INTERVIEW | Anderson Davis talks Tarantino Live Fox Force Five & The Tyranny of Evil Men

TW: mention of: violence & war

Los Angeles-based live entertainment company For the Record will present the European debut of their smash-hit show Tarantino Live: Fox Force Five & The Tyranny of Evil Men at Riverside Studios this Summer, with a 10-week season at Studio 2 at the Hammersmith venue, playing from 6 June – 13 August.

I got to interview the Director of the show Anderson Davis to find more about this uniquely epic show. Take a listen to find out more...

Tarantino Live: Fox Force Five & The Tyranny of Evil Men is a one-of-a-kind, adrenaline-fueled, genre- bending theatrical performance, combining Tarantino’s most iconic film scenes with live rock & roll renditions of songs pulled straight from his legendary film albums; less a traditional movie-based

musical, more a character driven concert that seamlessly merges the world of Hollywood and musical theatre into a 360-degree live-concert experience. The diverse company of artists from stage, record and screen will be announced in the coming weeks.

From Reservoir Dogs to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino’s iconic style and vintage soundtracks are the gold standard of retro cool. This rock ‘n’ soul concert is a spiderweb of hitmen, gangsters and assassins slaying vinyl classics like “Son of a Preacher Man,” “Stuck in the Middle With You,” “Bang Bang,” and many more. The show encompasses Tarantino’s entire cinematic universe

spanning over 30 years. Studio 2 will be transformed into a cinematic, rock n roll playground where the sights, sounds, and even the flavours take inspiration from the Tarantino Universe. From the setlist to the drink list, TARANTINO LIVE is a total sensory experience that comes in a variety of Reservoir Dog coloured


Audiences can choose from “Mr. Brown” and “Mr. Pink” for the most accessible levels (£29- £39), or “Mr. Black” for stage-side VIP table seating with drink service.

Redefining how movies and music come to life on stage, previous productions from For the Record have included Love Actually Live, Brat Pack Live, Baz (An Evening Inspired by the films of Baz Luhrmann) and Scorsese: American Crime Requiem.

Tarantino Live is adapted by Anderson Davis and Sumie Maeda. Directed by Anderson Davis, associate directed and choreographed by Sumie Maeda, musical supervision and arrangements by Jesse Vargas, vocal design by Tony Nominee AnnMarie Milazzo, scenic design by Emmy Award winner Matthew Steinbrenner, lighting design by Chris Davey, sound design by Ben Harrison,

costume design by Steve Mazurek, casting by Harry Blumenau, video design by Perry Freeze, and produced by “For The Record” Founder/Executive Producer Shane Scheel, UK Executive Producer Paul Crewes and UK Producer Gareth Richards.

With a cast including the cinematic, rock n roll playground stars actress and singer/songwriter Tara Lee leading ‘THE FOX FORCE FIVE’ as “Mia” from Pulp Fiction (and her alter ego ‘Beatrix Kiddo’ from Kill Bill). She’s joined by two-time Olivier Award-winner George Maguire as “Vincent” (a mashup of ‘Vincent Vega’ from

Pulp Fiction, ‘Rick Dalton’’ from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and ‘Mr. Pink’ from Reservoir Dogs), West End’s Dreamgirls Karen Mav as the iconic “Jackie Brown”, X Factor UK favorite Anton Stephans as “Jules” from Pulp Fiction (also plays ‘Ordell’ from Jackie Brown), from Britain’s Got Talent and chart-topping singer of the group Artful Dodger Lifford Shillingford plays “Marsellus” from Pulp Fiction (also plays ‘Django’ from Django Unchained), West End’s Jersey Boys and Mamma Mia! star Mark Isherwood as “Bill” (a mix of the title character from Kill Bill, ‘Col. Hans Landa’ from Inglourious Basterds, & two Stuntmen: ‘Mike’ from Death Proof and ‘Cliff’ from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), and James Byous as “Butch” from Pulp Fiction (also plays ‘Lt. Aldo Raine’ from Inglourious Basterds and ‘Dr. King Schultz’ from Django Unchained).

The other ‘FOXES’ will be brought to life by the powerhouse vocals of Maeva Feitelson as “Fabienne” from Pulp Fiction (also plays her alter ego ‘Shosanna Dreyfus’ from Inglourious Basterds), Cleo Caetano as “Butterfly” from Death Proof (and her alter ego ‘Santanico Pandemonium’ from From Dusk Till Dawn), Sha Dessi as “O-ren Ishii” from Kill Bill (also plays Pussycat from Once Upon a

Time in Hollywood), Katie Tonkinson as “Sadie” from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Samara Casteallo as “Nikki” (inspired by Vernita Green’s daughter in Kill Bill, the imagined hero of a future Kill Bill 3).


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