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Heading to The Fringe: An Interview with 'Glitch' Writer and Performer Edith Alibec

As we head towards The Fringe season I had the opportunity to speak to Writer and Performer of 'Glitch' - Edith Alibec in this Behind the Curtain interview.


What is ‘Glitch’ about?

10 year high school reunion. Lost dreams. Lost friends. Lost your shit when you reunited with the one. Things should have been better. But Life seems to have encountered a glitch. Where do you go from here?Glitch is a reworked version of ‘Tea and Milk” which premiered at Edinburgh Fringe 2023.


What was the inspiration behind the show?

The transition from being a young adult to proper being an ADULT and not being ready for it.

What influenced you to tell this story on stage? And how important do you think it is in today’s society?

I love storytelling, I think it’s so powerful. We can reflect in each other’s stories, this helps us feel much more united rather than alone individuals.

I don’t think it’s neither more or less important than any other story. :)

Who is your target audience? And what are the key takeaways you want the audience to learn after seeing the show?

You could say 25-35 year olds and mostly women and everyone else who resonates.

What are the key changes since ‘Glitch’ was presented as ‘Tea and Milk’?

It focuses more on the return back home and on the mother - daughter arc.

What is it like performing in and writing your own show?

I love it. I feel it has unlocked something in me that was stagnant somehow. As an actor you have this passive role but creating your own show puts you in this motion and amazing creative space.

How would you describe your style of writing? And was there a writer who inspired you to start writing? How did their writing influence you?

I saw ‘Fleabag’ the TV series in 2020 and subsequently found out it is based on a theatre show. Researched everything I could about it and really wanted to stage it in Romanian in my home country. I emailed to ask for the rights but they weren’t granted to anyone. So I was like ‘fuck Phoebe Waller Bridge’, I can write my own stuff. That’s how it started to be honest. So I am really grateful she didn’t grant the rights to ‘Fleabag’ cause that unlocked this new writing thing in me.

So ‘Fleabag’ influenced a lot the writing style at the beginning - as cliché as that sounds. I found my own voice in the process.

What advice would you give to any writers who maybe don’t know how to start putting their work out there?

Just do it. Do something, do a work in progress, get feedback from peers, hone and repeat.

How does it feel to be taking your show to The Fringe? And what are you most looking forward to?

Exciting, coming back there for the second time, feels familiar. Like a drug relapse. You get addicted to it.

Looking forward to see how the audiences receive the new version of the show.


Glitch will be at The Fringe this year, performing at Assembly George Square (The Crate) Wednesday 31st July-Monday 26th August 2024 (Not 13th or 20th)

Tickets are available from


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