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Behind the Curtain: An Interview with West End Magic star Oliver Tabor

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London’s longest running theatre magic show is heading on tour in 2024, preparing to dazzle and astonish audiences across the country.

Established at Deptford’s Albany Theatre, West End Magic developed from a magicians’ club’s 10-year reunion, A Night of Magic in 2007, and has drastically been expanding audiences and engagement ever since through the astounding world of masterful trickery.

I got the chance to chat to star Oliver Tabor who is Host of the show!


For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, what is West End Magic about?

It’s a magic show for everyone, featuring award-winning magic, illusion, comedy, mind reading and a range of entertainment from some of the UK’s best magic and variety acts.


Without giving anything away, what can audiences expect to see when they come to see the show on tour?

We offer a wide variety of content in each show that’s suitable for all ages! To name a few insider snippets without revealing too much; bubbles are magically transformed into glass spheres, a white cloth is brought to life and dances across the stage, plus one of our acts attempts to escape from his jacket!


Who is the target audience?

Magic is a universal entertainment, therefore our show is suitable for everyone, whether they’re 5 or 105! The perfect venture for the family, and fun for all – the target really is to make magic accessible and engaging for all audiences.


What are you most excited about taking the show on tour?

Personally, I’m excited by getting the opportunity to perform in some of the country’s most beautiful theatres and getting to see and meet people across the UK. The show also has a permanent home in London at the Leicester Square Theatre, and is London’s longest running theatre magic show, so it’s a real treat to take the show on tour to more audiences.


Have you had to make any changes to the show for the tour?

We’ve added a couple of brand new illusions for this year and we also tailor the show to each venue depending on the size of the building and how much we can physically fit through the door!


What started your love of Magic?

My love for magic was sparked by a visit to the Hamley’s toy shop on Regent Street and receiving one of their magic sets at Christmas when I was young.



How challenging is it to make a career in magic? What is your advice to people who wish to be a magician?

Magic can be extremely rewarding. It can be as challenging at times as any career can be, but you get to do what you love. The best advice I can give is to love what you do!


You host various acts during the show, can you share what type of acts we will see on the tour?

There are 2 main acts on each show, myself and show compere and comedy magician Wayne Trice. We also have a selection of guest acts on each show, such as magicians, jugglers and ventriloquists.


Do we get to see you perform in the show? And what would you say your magic style is?

Yes, I do a few acts on the show. I perform elegant and visual magic silently to music, slightly mysterious, playful, but very magical.


Do you have a favourite act or trick in the show?

One of my favourites is an act where I turn a child from the audience into a magician, I love watching their face light up when they make the magic happen.


Describe the show in one sentence or 3 words?

Award-winning magic, comedy and variety!


West End Magic is currently on UK tour until November 3rd at Chequer Mead Theatre. Please note that West End Magic runs for 2 hours (including 20 minute interval).

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