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Behind the Curtain: An Interview with Fairytale on Church Street star Glitzy von Jagger

Photo credit: Lexi Clare Photography & Amelia Millar


There's trouble on Church Street. The local theatre is having trouble keeping the lights on, The Big Bad Wolf wants to blow down the neighbourhood to build luxury flats, Mother Hood is behind on her rent, Robin Hood has somehow managed to lose his arrows, and someone keeps breaking into houses and eating all the porridge! What we need is a hero!

Each Christmas, The Cockpit presents brand-new adventures for families to enjoy, bringing audiences original stories built around the magical characters and tales we all know and love.

I got the chance to speak to cast member Glitzy Von Jagger who plays Mother Hood, about Fairytale on Church Street at The Cockpit.

Photo credit: Lexi Clare Photography & Amelia Millar


What is Fairytale on Church Street about?

A family’s struggle to keep their home and livelihood in the current climate. It’s the story of the internal quest for purpose and being true to one’s self. All through the lens of campy, fun, silly, fairytale pantoland! It’s a great introduction to important life lessons for children and a whole lotta hootery for the adults. It’s cute, it’s real and I’m proud to be part of it. 

With these characters being from different classic stories, what has been done to bring these characters together?

Well, the Hoods are a fabulous family unit, with myself, Mother Hood, at the helm. Relationships grow throughout the show with the other characters. The story exists in its own world – Kathryn Gardener, who did the book, has done a great job. 

The Cockpit brings a Christmas production each year – what’s new about this production?

I think with The Cockpit producing its own show this year there is so much heart and enthusiasm in all of it, the team have devised a great piece. 

How would you describe the music of the show?

It’s culturally rich, taking all of the local cultural sounds and blending them. The musicians are so incredible at this, hats off to them, they play so many instruments. Meg the MD has got me learning the ukulele – it’s bringing me so much joy and calm. Music is such a gift, and there’s something in this show for everyone’s tastes. 

With a small cast of 5 what are the biggest challenges?

Perhaps the quick changes, but we’ve made it work and it’s part of the fun of it all.

Photo credit: Lexi Clare Photography & Amelia Millar

The cast are actors/musicians - what does that add to the show for the audience?

I think it brings reverence for the instruments, authenticity playing it live, everything is created in the space – it’s really groovy. 

How are the rehearsals going? Have the cast created any pre-show rituals yet?

I’ve been introducing my dressing room to some forgotten pop classics, Lauson and Artie have become particularly fond of my one hit wonder girlband selection. Coffee by Supersister has become our dressing room anthem, absolute BOP! 

How do you want audiences to feel after seeing the show?

Warm and gooey on the inside and frothy and bubbly on the outside. Like a hot chocolate sundae covered in popping candy! 

What is the most fun thing about the show?

Honestly the audience’s reaction, the laughter, wonderment and magic we create together in the space. 

Describe the show in one sentence? 

A rollicking rollercoaster of laughter, wonderment and joy. 

Photo credit: Lexi Clare Photography & Amelia Millar


Co-director and writer Kathryn Gardner comments, "We’re all so thrilled to have found such a dynamic, talented and diverse group of actor-musicians. This is going to be a really demanding show. It’s high energy, it’s packed with music and comedy, there will be lots of audience involvement, lots of very excited kids...AND it’s in the round! It takes a really special performer to pull off all of these elements. And I feel confident we’ve found 5! We can’t wait to get started!"

See Below for important show INFO.

Photo credit: Lexi Clare Photography & Amelia Millar



Fairytale on Church Street

Friday 8th December to Saturday 30th December

The Cockpit

Age Guide 5+ years, but fine for all ages.

Tw/Cw Contains some loud noises, theatrical effects, and lots of booing! 

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